Meet Our Founder

Photo of Alex Agahi

Alex Agahi

Financial Planner

Alex Agahi is a financial planner who has helped his clients for more than a quarter of a century. His entrepreneurial attribution brings a unique perspective to his career and helps him understand fully how to create a specific financial Road-Map for each client.

Infinite Wealth was born as a result of Alex’s relentless lifelong personal experience. Throughout his journey (Tao or path), he has had ups-and-downs which have taught him an important lesson - that you must become a river to experience your journey with utmost joy. As part of his journey, he honors and follows the philosophical teachings of the Tao Te Ching:

“The Tao is infinite, eternal. Why is it eternal? It was never born; thus it can never die.Why is it infinite? It has no desires for itself; thus it is present for all beings.”

During the early stages of his financial planning career, Alex realized that selling financial products and obtaining new clients did not completely fulfill his goals. Instead, his eagerness to serve others and offer a solution to a client’s financial situation was his driving force. As a result, Alex became the go-to financial expert whenever others needed help planning a Road-Map. He often helps existing small to midsize companies, as well as those who are serving others within the health industry -specifically doctors.

Alex’s ability to listen carefully to the client, pinpoint what is missing, and provide solutions indicates that he is a unique planner and investment manager (to fulfill his serving obligation) in the financial industry.

Alex provides financial advice to thousands of people in any given year through his speaking engagements, educational seminars and/or one-on-one meetings. In addition, he earned lifetime membership of the distinguished Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)* and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers (NAIFA). Alex is also a Member Agent of the Nautilus Group®, a service of New York Life Insurance Company, and a Financial Adviser with Eagle Strategies LLC.

Alex immigrated to the United States when he was 23. At that time, he married Rosa and together they built a family with two sons and a daughter. They all currently reside in Southern California.

*MDRT, The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is recognized globally as the standard of excellence for life insurance sales performance in the insurance and financial services industry.